Saturday, June 8, from 4-7:00 pm

On Saturday, June 8, we are hosting a neighborhood party called Bless Fest.  From 4-7 pm, we’ll have food, children’s games, a bounce house, dunk tank, carnival booths, cotton candy, prizes, a petting zoo, live music with our worship bands, and much more.  This is a valuable chance to meet our neighbors, show them that we care, and celebrate the conclusion of Bless Week! The whole community is invited, and we are hoping that up to 1,000 people might attend!

Volunteer Needs 

  • Business donations of pre-packaged snack foods
  • Gift cards (any denomination, for any business) to offer as door prizes.
  • Groups, families, or teams of people to create and operate a carnival-style booth.
  • Groups, families, or teams to sponsor food and drinks by making a monetary donation.
  • Other activities — do you have something you’d like to offer? Maybe face painting, a free service, or entertainment of some kind (do we have any clowns or magicians out there?)   We are open to ideas!
  • Volunteers to help in advance with distributing posters around down-town, and invitations in nearby neighborhoods.


BlessFest is designed to challenge the world’s understanding of what they can expect from a church.  Our goal is to provide a fun and welcoming experience!